Forest Credit

What is Forest Credit

Forest Credit is a Active generated from forest protection, which are inventoried and certified by international protocols. PARTNERS

Forest Credit, through its unit measure (UCS - Sustainability Credit Unit), has the legal right on "intangible pure and intangible tradable and transferable", along the lines set out in Article 3, XXVII, of Law No. 12,651 / 2012. It is generated by a commitment to produce environmental benefits through nature protection, associated with a business plan aimed at sustainable development of a region.

The projects contain a set of systems, integrated processes and actions, verified and validated by independent companies, which allows the sustainable development of the project and the region where they live. Forest Credit, in the form of ownership certificates, permits the transfer and the transaction of receivables of benefits arising from the protection of native vegetation and biological assets generated by projects that advocate the protection of forests, implementation of agro-industrial units and social actions in local community.


Benefits for your company with the FOREST CREDIT:

  • Compensates environmental impact
  • Increase your assets
  • finances its sustainability policy
  • Promotes regional development
  • Adds the value of sustainability to your products and your brand


BMV Standard

It is a standard characterization of credits in Brazil Mata Viva Program, which advocates Generation Sustainability Credit Units - UCS VT BMV - from the measurement of environmental, social and economic indicators in Forest regions resulting measuring carbon stocks.

Created from the union of concepts:

  • Preservation of Forests and Biodiversity,
  • Recognition of Culture and,
  • Sustainable Development.


The BMV Standard systematize the work of all partners, farmers of BMV Centers and Programs and Projects Brazil Mata Viva. It considers three key elements in the quality of additionality of preservation projects of forest biomes:

  • Emissions avoided in the project boundaries,
  • The maintenance of biodiversity and the capacity of the provision of ecosystem services and biomes,
  • Improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of forest areas.


Investment Advantages BMV Sustainability


The UCSVTBMV certificates have unique number and barcode to ensure that duplication does not occur. They are accessible, traceable and verifiable. The investor has at its disposal information from rural units and the BMV Center in which they operate: location, total area; area of native vegetation; area of influence, maps, among others;


The Forest Credit is an instrument that transforms the environmental protection and conservation investment opportunity with return on capital employed and attractive profitability;



Credit guarantees the existence of individuals as well as businesses and institutions, ensuring that their supply base (water and raw materials) is protected;


Responsabilidade Social

Transform the company's image passing of problem vector, generating negative impacts on the environment, the protagonist of the solutions and environmental innovations;



Allows individuals, people, companies and institutions collaborate seamlessly and securely with actions that promote the improvement of sustainability indexes;



Warranty from the verification and validation by certification institutions with recognized international credibility.



Agree humanitarian causes, environmental protection, energy production and food and keeping people in a fair and balanced way.




It is a monetization unit generated from the application and verification of the BMV Standard in rural communities, valuing the natural resources, as carbon, and the biome protection and conservation services provided by the owners or occupants of rural units, which otherwise exert pressure on habitats located in and around their rural units.

The characterization of the UCS VT BMV is through the formalization of the Project within an instrument called UCS VTBMV Certificate .

The UCS VTBMV Certificate is an instrument generated from the application of BMV Standard certification actions aimed at environmental, social and economic. This certification is performed by third-party audit: Universities such as the UNESP; of Certification International, TÜV Rheinland; and public authorities of environmental and social management, as IDESA.

Certificate Template UCS VTBMV

How to Use the UCSVT BMV

    • As ballast in securities lending operations,
    • As securities environmental and social compensation,
    • As a tool for resource leverage in promoting regional sustainable development,
    • Such as quotas for participation in SPEs,
    • How Carbon Credits (voluntary emissions).