Brasil Mata Viva Membership Terms

For full effectiveness of the present term, parties must print an additional contract with their personal details, be they individuals or business entities, immediately upon deciding to join the Brasil Mata Viva Standard for environmental assets, at which point, by signing, parties accept the conditions, terms, regulations, provisions, manuals that make up the Brasil Mata Viva Sustainability Credit Generation Programme, that leads to the characterisation of the Sustainability Assets, as well as agreeing to comply with the subsequent stages proposed, be they what may.
The parties are fully aware of the provisions governing the Sustainability Credit Generation and Registration System - SGRCS and the Sustainability Credit Transaction Registry and Transfer System - SRTTCS of the Brasil Mata Viva Programme, they:
•        Nominate and qualify a Project Management company that is capable and has been duly authorised by the Brasil Mata Viva Standard.
•        The rules established in the set of norms of the Brasil Mata Viva Standard, aim for the integration of several actions to the implemented so as to combat climate change and protect biodiversity in biomes where the projects are set, by conceptualising sustainable development projects that combine the protection, recovery and conservation of natural resources, with specific strategies for the development of economic activities and directed social actions.
•        The result of these project activities is the generation of the UCS – Sustainability Credit Units, which are transferable assets for the responsibilities mentioned above, undertaken in the Project areas, that can be traded in the voluntary carbon markets for sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gases, through the quantification of the stocks of forest carbon, analogous to the REDD system, Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation.     


Fundamentally the BRASIL MATA VIVA PROGRAMME is divided into three phases, with respective contractual instruments, namely:


In this phase the MEMBER commits to:

  •       Submit to the eligibility assessment of the conditions of the rural property.
  •       Partake in the existing project or that which will be created by (ASSOCIATION NAME) for the purpose of facilitating the search for alternative market opportunities for rural sustainability.
  •       Attend meetings scheduled in advance by the Association of Rural Producers, complying with the decisions made through the Association meetings. Participate in decisions that will determine the main activities within the farms and the BMV Production Centres, be aware that agricultural products also make up the basket of goods and services provided by the UCSVT – BMV environmental assets;
  •       Alongside the Producers Association, elect and contract one of the individual consultants approved by the BMV Standard to make the DIAGNOSIS AND OPPORTUNITIES IDENTIFICATION REPORT, delivering a copy of the contract, which shall include the initial obligations of the producer, and all the documentation of the inventory that will integrate the documents of phase I of BMV Project;
  •       All these steps are performed signed contracts for payment upon successful completion, with no financial burden to farmers for the contracts, before the objectification of profit.
    After PROGRAM MEMBERSHIP PHASE, and with the Brasil Mata Viva Program requirements met, the next step entails:



At this phase the MEMBER commits to:

  •    Read, sign and fulfil the regulatory process of registering at a public deeds registry office, the UCSVT BMV ownership / rights of use declaration.
  •      Sign and authorize BTAAB - TRANSAÇÕES DE ATIVOS AMBIENTAIS DO BRASIL to sell and negotiate the Brasil Mata Viva Sustainability Credit Units Certificates - UCSVT BMV, through intermediaries, brokers and others who may be required to finalize the negotiation. Alongside the Association, elect company approved by the BMV Standard, to provide commercialisation-specific consultancy, to present the Services Provision of Custody, intermediation and negotiation of the Brasil Mata Viva Sustainability Credit Units UCSVT BMV, and other assets - with the business transaction company, which shall be empowered to negotiate and deliver the UCSVT BMV Certificates, through intermediaries, agents and others who are required to carry out those transactions, whereby the services provided will have pre -stipulated rates and products, also to take effect only upon successful completion of the project.


This MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT binds the MEMBER to the company appointed by the Management of the BRASIL MATA VIVA PROGRAM, and as it is the only party that has the power to finalize the negotiation in question. All inventories and previous diagnoses, as well as meetings between producers, the Association, and Management, will give rise to documents, such as the Sustainable Development Plan, products and services management, and property compliance plans (PDS and PAPA respectively). These documents contain the abovementioned business and development plans, that are collective or individual, which will be formal documents of the project and will describe everyone involved, their functions and activities, from the moment that the BMV Production Centre begins.
Once interest arises in the national or international markets for the acquisition of the sustainability assets generated, the next phase is set in motion:


Sustainability Assets are the UCSVT BMV Certificates and the commodities and products generated in the rural area or Production Centres, through the implementation of the Brasil Mata Viva Programme and the technical and financial resources it generates. This phase allows the actual start of the Production Center and is when the MEMBER commits to:
•        Remain in the Project and within the scope of the Brasil Mata Viva Standard for the Generation of Environmental Assets for a minimum of 25 (twenty five) years, participating in the same activities and with the same areas and properties as chosen in the previous phases;
•        Inform and acknowledge to any interested party, particularly in the event of sale or transfer of ownership, the obligations that have been agreed upon, as the project contract will be amended to the property deed and registration;
•        Inform and acknowledge to employees, consultants and technicians the agreed upon their obligations and requirements, as well as their heirs and grantees / lessees of the areas;
•        Participate, with the Association of Rural Producers, in updating the Project, market conditions and product viability, so that the DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF ASSOCIATION CONDITIONS AND REPRESENTATIONS may be produced collectively and signed, and that it will represent all interests of the Project;
•        Define, in conjunction with the Association of Rural Producers and the Manager of the BMV SPE, the formats of participation and the minimum dimensions required for payment of the special purpose entity, which producers will partake in and which will be the co-manager of the BMV Production Centre;
•        Participate, alongside the Association of Rural Producers of the BMV Project, of the act of incorporation and partnership, building and signing the RURAL BUSINESS CONTRACT AND PROVISION OF UCSVT  BMV, between the Association and SPE Management Company, approved by Brasil Mata Viva and that will fulfill the function of the Board and management of Production Activities, Preservation and sale of BMV Production Centre products and services;
•        Comply with all the determinations described herein, and the obligations agreed upon with the BMV Production Centre, the Association of Rural Producers and SPE, regarding term requirements, preservation of areas described, the observance of the rules and regulation, Brasil Mata Viva Methodology booklets, the implementation of the Rural area Production Centre and others to be established specifically and commonly decided;
•        Participate in the BMV Sustainability Certification Program, hiring a specific company that will be approved by the BMV Standard, to provide certifications and undertake the auditing necessary to keep production and preservation areas fully certified and accredited in accordance with international quality and sustainability rules;
•        Develop action-oriented Productive Activity and Environmental Compliance Plan - PAPA, and the Project Sustainable Development Plan - PDS, complying with all the provisions contained therein, particularly with respect to obligations, the conservation of the areas it discriminates, compliance with the Brasil Mata Viva Methodology, the implementation of the Production Centre in the rural areas indicated and other areas specified.
It is up to the BMV Group, the the Brasil Mata Viva Programme advisory and management companies, and the SPE Management, to channel efforts to facilitate sustainable business opportunities for producers and the Project. However, the proponents and members should be aware that the successful outcome depends not only on the parties that now comprise the Brasil Mata Viva Programme, but also the market demand for sustainability assets, availability of resources for this purpose, and other factors which may be beyond the control and desire of the group. As such, the obligations of the Brasil Mata Viva Programme, enterprises, managers, partners and other participants described are clearly and objectively stated in the contracts, and do not at any point imply burden of contract without the successful implementation of projects. There is an inherent risk of failure, assumed and shared by all, but with no burden to Producers or Partners, apart from their minimum responsibility for being open to potential opportunities.
All members and proponents agree with all of the above stipulations, freely, voluntarily, and willingly adhere to the conditions targeted by the Brasil Mata Viva Programme, under the Brasil Mata Viva Programme, pledging to observe all provisions herein, as well as those specified in each step, will sign the relevant contracts and read any manuals, booklets and handouts that may eventually be required.