What is ESG?


Enviromental Social and Governance covers a wide range of considerations that can impact a company's ability to execute its business strategy and create value.

  • ESG became strategic for new businesses and risk control.
  • The consideration of factors reduces risks and increases commercial opportunities.
  • The definition of purpose and profit will be more defined with companies that focus on ethical issues and the creation of sustainable values.
  • BMV offers a link that integrates with ESG factors, which can result in better commercial performance within the company.





  • Integrating ESG information into investment decisions has become standard for long-term investors who care about sustainable value creation.
  • Effective management of ESG issues and opportunities can lead to commercial successes.
  • Linking ESG to strategy, the business model, risk management and governance provides important benefits in relation to internal efficiencies and stakeholder confidence.
  • It is imperative that companies demonstrate how they have identified material ESG issues.
  • Business success in the 21st century will be defined by more than financial profit. Ethical issues impact economic outcomes.