How to Invest / Participate


It can be shaped for use in a specific production chain, such as the cellulose chain, meat chain, energy chain, mining chain etc. The solution is developed respecting the peculiarities of relations between the actors involved in the chain. Usually the process is led by the anchor company (developer) of the process in the case of the beef chain, the fridge, mining by the mining and so on.


Investment Funds

Funds seek to diversify and are interested in investing in sustainability funds. Funds direct resources to the generation of credits that result in the implementation of production units which are guaranteed the return on invested capital with an attractive profitability, with the additional profitability of the transaction of Sustainability credit units.


Producers Association

Farmers organized themselves in an association lead the process and format the sustainability model as their vocation and initiate the deployment of production units process.




In a more comprehensive way, the state, along with organized segments of the rural sector in a joint effort for sustainable development of areas of special interest.



Benefits and Attractiveness

Companies and individuals from the acquisition of the credit certificates, become holders of the benefits generated by collaborating with environmental protection.

When you purchase the Forests of credits originated by projects registered and developed by the BMV, the company will be participating in a structured and safe way to get:

  • Certification by the merit of supporting initiatives Environmental Ethics and Social Responsibility;
  • Tax Benefits for sponsoring humanitarian causes;
  • A new business strategy with low investment and large economic benefit and the possibility of significant gains by investing in the credit retail business;
  • Reduced costs compared to the investment initiate and develop projects aimed at environmental sustainability;
  • Access to technology for display and dissemination of generated actions and benefits of interactive and modern way (show the interactive and transparent market (QR code) records online, the results of their investments);
  • Offer to customers and consumers a new product line with the aspirations of contemporary society about environmental ethics and social responsibility;
  • Evidence of glamorous form the pro-activity of the company to protect the lives of everyone for the protection of forests and improve the living conditions of rural communities.

The Use

The use of Forest credits are represented by UCS Ownership certificates in the various dimensions of program participation can be used:

  • How Environmental Credit Title to offset emissions or environmental and social liabilities;
  • As a retail product to its customers and consumers;
  • As a mechanism to develop custom projects in areas and regions of particular interest to the company;
  • For Donation Organizational supporters without profit social projects of the program and so can compensate tributariamente;
  • To purchase quotas of participation in companies that make up the BMV (IMEI, BTAAB, BMTCA and agro-industries) and participate in the financial results of companies.


By using the UCS securities as investment or sponsorship tool, the company gets the following benefits:

  • Forests saver image and supporter of humanitarian causes; with effective results because the project was certified;
  • Investment security due to the program being recognized by state law that recognizes the model and the initiative of public interest;
  • Technological level of BMV Program, which allows disclosure, with satellite images, photography that reveals the transparency of the actions and results of the projects;
  • Investment optimal result with the reduced costs compared to their own management sustainability programs;
  • Visibility and credibility by using credit with certification standard and international validation.
  • economic and financial benefits Opportunity introducing environmental and cultural products from their own business;




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